Aluminum alloy is the alloy of consist of 99% pure aluminum with mixture of strengthen alloy element for better strength & quality.

Other than standard alloy production, the customizable service is available to adjust the alloy composition in response to the product final application.

Aluminum application very wide, in order to fulfill each industrial’s needs, PMI offer customizable material development service other than standard alloy. The customizable alloy adjust base on the extruded profile characteristic, which also customer requirement, summarize as 3 major characteristics:

profile size







Surface Treatment

Mechanical Fabrication

The most ideal product come from the most proper material, where the right start determine the coming success. To let the world using the good aluminum product, PMI unstoppably develop & evaluating each alloy potential, to provide more preparation for customer.

The main R&D and production alloy series of Aomei Aluminum include the following: 6 series alloys are currently the most widely used alloys.
6063 alloy

The most widely used aluminum alloy, the major characteristic of good overall structural strength, flexibility for further fabrication & good surface treatment, Benefit from its general characteristic, it has been widely used from normal construction door/window to high precision electronic product.

To fulfill the market desire, PMI develop multiple customize 6063 alloy for customer various application.

6005A alloy

Relatively higher in strength, good fabrication while maintain the higher structural strength. Applicable on the complex cross-section where require certain loading requirement.

6061 alloy

Higher structural strength, excellent welding performance with good anti-corrosion property, widely uses as structural component or loading element at proper situation.

6082 alloy

This alloy not suitable for cosmetic surface, however it has exquisite strength performance. The best option for high strength structural component like construction.

6013 alloy

The new raising alloy has the highest mechanical property over 6 series Aluminum Alloy so far, meanwhile having the fairly good surface treatment & fabrication performance.

5083 alloy

As non-heat-treatable strengthening alloy, it has excellent welding performance that lead to good further assembly performance by welding. With the outstanding anti-corrosion property, makes it widely uses at ship building & marine industry.

※ Research and develop new alloys according to customer needs.