Automotive Lightweight is the trending development in Worldwide Automotive Manufacturer.

Aluminum alloy has the born-in-nature advantages in the Automotive Lightweight development, as it is light, easy fabricate & good plasticity, there is huge potential space as Automotive Material Development.


EV(Electrical Vehicle) is one of the trending in future Automotive, with the advantage of aluminum in good thermal- & electricity conductivity, recycle-ability etc, the aluminum alloy has compress the resources wastage which lead to better sustainability application.


PMI has supplying automotive component to worldwide customer, recognized by various Automotive Manufacturer in trust & reliable. Not limited by order collaboration, the join-development found necessary to increase competitive strength.


Bumper system

Vehicle Roof Rail

EV Battery Tray

Bus frame

Container frame

Vehicle roof rail
EV battery tray
Bumper system
Cross car beam
Side sill